Industrial-like lighting cages that work


Love these pics and article. Courtesy of design sponge—a great website with good decor ideas. I had three wire cages that I paired with red hooks and they were gone in a day. Image
Screen Shot 2014-06-11 at 6.09.20 PM515fdc8552840204ace4d4a66f0f7f61



I have a love/hate relationship with cage lighting. When it’s done well, it’s beautiful and timeless, but when done poorly it can feel alternately too busy and too stark. A single cage light in a HUGE space can feel reminiscent of a construction sight, but when used in a simple row (like over a dining table or above a bar) they can be incredibly elegant. The key is to focus on high-quality materials and cages they have some visual interest. I prefer the thicker brass models to the super-colorful plastic models you can find in stores, but the thin cages painted white also have a nice simple feel. The bottom line is to stick to styles that have more substantial cage architecture and that are made of higher quality materials. Grouping too many together can feel busy, so stick to small numbers in a row or at staggered heights.

Images above, top to bottom: Mini-Pendant Light with Gold Cage Shade $320, Antique Brass Mini-Pendant Light $102, Gold Cage Pendant $79.95, Threshold Industrial Pendant $30, Room Essentials Industrial Pendant $18,
Atomic Topless Industrial Guard Pendant $125

Try Peek to review your website It’s free!!!

Check out this new (to me) tool I found for evaluating websites. Go here for a free 5-minute video evaluation of your website.  The evaluation is a real person talking through their navigation of your website or blog.

My video looks like this:

Peek a 5-minute video evaluation for your blog or website.

Peek a 5-minute video evaluation for your blog or website.

I submitted both my website and received a response almost immediately. I’m assuming the men who evaluated my websites were not my target customer but still they both did an admirable job. What I think of as ‘easy navigation’ on my website was not crystal clear to the evaluator. That response alone was useful.  I was so pleased that I emailed the company. Their response below:

You’re so very welcome! Thank you so much for writing in. Your appreciation for what we do makes our day. We appreciate you taking the time to provide feedback, as well as helping to spread the word. =)


Subject: Follow up to your message

JUN 10, 2014  |  12:01PM PDT
Jennifer replied:

Hello Shawn,

Hope you’re having a great day. :-)

We’re following up to your message:

Just received reviews for both my etsy and wordpress site and I have to say I’m impressed. Both offered useful information. Thank you so much and I’ll most def spread the word!

You’re so very welcome! Thank you so much for writing in. Your appreciation for what we do makes our day. We appreciate you taking the time to provide feedback, as well as helping to spread the word. =)

Again, thank you and have a wonderful day!


Customer Support
1-800-903-9493 | Twitter:

Vintage flapper dress gets new life

From rags to rich-looking dress!

From rags to rich-looking dress!

Who wouldn’t love this dress? As I wrote in the previous post this dress was in tatters. Maggie works miracles. Check out her site at Martin’s Original Dolls and click on her dress collection. She told me she is adding 100 more in the next few weeks!

Flapper Dress finds a home


I bought this dress at an auction for moi! It was a glittery shimmery site to see and I could not resist. Really. So I continued to old up my bidding number until the dress was mine. As I held out my beautiful glimmery shimmery flapper 1920’s dress, I realized it had rips Lots of rips. However I didn’t give up hope. I took it to my whiz of a seamstress, Maria. She fixes all my sewing problems but alas even Maria can’t mend the tears. Not wanting my dress to languish in a ‘to do’ pile I listed it in my store.
And now slinky winky glimmery shimmery 1920’s dress has a new home. Maggie, a collector of 1920’s dresses is going to fix her and she will be enshrined forever on her website here. Stay tuned. And THANK YOU Maggie for rescuing my (now yours) gorgeous dress. Here are a few of her collections and her lovely comment for our store:

Reserved Maggie Vintage 1920s Creme dress Silk Chiffon Beaded Such a very friendly store….thank you so much once again……you are why I like etsy…….AAA+++



We love happy customers!

Aldo ashtray brilliant turk

Aldo ashtray brilliant turk

Mid Century Aldo Londi Remini Blu Ashtray Signed

 “Beautiful and gorgeous Aldo Londi ashtray. Vibrant color. Quick shipping. Exactly as described. Very happy with purchase.”
This gorgeous ashtray sold almost immediately after we listed it! I know. I know. Who wants an ashtray? Well guess what? Lots of people want retro ashtrays and I’m not talking about smokers! Lets see how can I use a worthless retro ashtray? You know this is what you are thinking :)
Here’s some ideas for your way cool ashtray.
1. Jewelry holder — put all your colored earrings in this ashtray.
2. Soap holder — set your ashtray by the sink and look at how pretty your soap looks!
3. Office catchall — yep one of my ashtrays is holding paperclips and rubber bands within easy reach.
4. Table decor — really! Add some cute little pine cones or beach glass. Awesome!
Ok. I’m running low on energy here with dinner around the corner. Someone else take over. Readers? More clever ideas for retro ashtray use?

Vintage Garden Style

This old carburetor cover starts again as a flower vessel.

This old carburetor cover starts again as a flower vessel.


Barn weddings and vintage garden style are this seasons hot trend. Even an old red carburetor lives a new life as a chippy red planter and soon to move to The Condor’s Nest Ranch.  More photos to come later!

The Condor's Nest Ranch A perfect wedding retreat.

The Condor’s Nest Ranch A perfect wedding retreat.

Rustic lanterns for cabin kitch

Vintage Dietz Lantern Kerosene Lamp Red Railroad Lanterns

Amazingly fast shipping, and even refunded the difference! Great lantern. Excellent experience!

CallMeCleverVintage takes shipping personally. We always refund shipping overage of $2.00 or more.

Second re-purposed project sold!

Bullhorns Wooden Plaque Turquoise Trim Upcyled

Yeah, this made my day.

Thank you Emily :)

OMG, I fell in love with this when I saw it – had to have! Going for an urban rustic look in my loft and this was absolutley the perfect fit – GREAT experience buying form this seller – thanks soooo much! I love!



Sell us Your Stuff!

What things are we looking for?

1. toys – Disney items, batons, Dick and Jane books, toy cars, piggy banks.
2. advertising labeled items-like old cigarette tins, coffee jars, Rice Krispy cereal bowls and
3. western gear – cowboy boots, horse shoes, lasso’s, horse and cowboy figurines.
4. military, fireman memorabilia medals, weapons, and uniforms.
5. housewares –  Pyrex dishes, embroidered dish towels, Ball jars, old copper items, metal
lunch boxes and thermos, wind-up clocks.
6.” 60s era” items vinyl chairs, end tables, lamps, chandeliers, wall hangings
7.  hardware tools and pulleys
8. outdoor items kerosene lanterns, thermos, coolers with Coke or other advertisements

9. sports hunting equipment (decoys, bows), Letterman’s jackets, megaphones, early football gear.

10. We also consign furniture pieces.

We take larger retro pieces too!

And chairs!
Old radios work for us :)

Old radios work for us :)

Old Fans. The more colorful the better.

Old Fans. The more colorful the better.

Remember these?

Remember these?

Old Bottles. YES PLEASE :)
Old Bottles. YES PLEASE :)

Yep! Cowboy boots, old alarm clocks, funky boxes.

Yep! Cowboy boots, old alarm clocks, funky boxes.

Barware? We say YES!

Barware? We say YES!

Find old oil cans in the garage? We'll take it :)

Find old oil cans in the garage? We’ll take it :)

Vintage dovetail wooden box with red lettering. We love boxes!

Vintage dovetail wooden box with red lettering. We love boxes!

Roller skates or ice skates.

Roller skates or ice skates.

An old footstool gathering dust? We'll take it.

An old footstool gathering dust? We’ll take it.

We like dishware, like sherbert dishes.

We like dishware, like sherbet dishes.

Rusty sprinkler lying around? Perfect!

Rusty sprinkler lying around? Perfect!

Typewriter tables are cool too :)

Typewriter tables are cool too :)

Ten Killer Tips for Attending A Sheriff’s Auction

So you want to attend a Sheriff’s auction so you can stock your vintage store.  I’m talking about a personal property auction not a real estate auctions held on the courthouse steps. Sound intriguing? Not only does it sound interesting but  I have it on good authority that items go for cheap—dirt-cheap.  Pickers of vintage goods need to buy low and sell high. I’m going.

I often bring my mom along with me for some quality mom and daughter time. She is as enthusiastic about searching for treasures as I am. We make a good team when we aren’t shouting at each other about directions and my propensity for ‘curb hopping.’ Without further jabbering, I’ll let you in on the secrets to a sheriff’s auction.
1.     *Get there early. It may or may not be crowded but regardless there are very few chairs. Auction attendees mostly mill about or prop against a wall. You will also need to get a bid number. I did notice people arriving late but they were still able to get a bid number.
      *Wear comfortable clothing. Especially shoes. You will have an opportunity to dig through items.
3.     *Stand or sit next to people who know what they are doing. We formed an immediate camaraderie with our little contingent of auction attendees. Five total strangers rooting for  each other, the ‘regulars’ whisper tips to mom and I, such as: “stop bidding, the person you are bidding against will not quit.” Or “Bid on the table, it’s very good.” Our helpful neighbors are not store owners but what I’d call, ‘auction zealots.’ They love a good auction but not dealers from out-of-town. Luckily, I have a home in Blaine County or I’d be kicked to the curb.
4.    * A regular (usually a dealer) will always start the bid. It’s not a rule but it worked that way at this auction. Anyway, don’t worry about starting the bid.
5.    * Bids start between $1.00 and $10.00!!!! I’m not kidding, however I’m sure its different at all auctions depending on the inventory and the county.
6.     *The auction will most likely go all day long. Not joking, but don’t worry, you can cash out at one-hour break intervals. Cashing out is quick because the auction clerk records a finished bid  as soon as it’s made. I checked out at the end of the day in five minutes.
7.     *This is not a professional setting like an auction house; there isn’t an official auctioneer. The sheriff assistant will hold up an item like a hatchet and ask, “how much for this hatchet?” That’s it. As a side note, my mother became so excited about the low prices that she bid on — well she bid on the hatchet. I hissed at her. “Mom, stop this instant, what do you need a hatchet for?” I’m still mulling over her response. “I need a hatchet for the back of my motorcycle.” No my mother is not crazy and she USED to own a variety of motorcycles but she is long past rides in the backcountry and camping in the woods. Apparently, it’s a very fond memory because she wants another hatchet for her long gone motorcycle. It’s fortunate that no motorcycles are up for auction. My mom simply succumbed to a sort of ‘auction frenzy.’ It can happen.
8.    * Be prepared to pay with cash or check. No credit card. There is no auction fee.
9.    * Personal property auctions happen because someone has not paid their debt. The property is seized and auctioned by the sheriff. The debt is made whole to the person owed the money within days. This is the system in Blaine County, and I would imagine elsewhere. The auction stops when the total cash amounts to debt owed, in this case, $14,350. Done.

*And finally, I asked three people in charge about the remainder of goods not auctioned. I have no answer as of yet.

Have you been to a sheriff’s auction? I’d love an answer to tip number ten. Auctions are loads of fun with all sorts of interesting attendees. I purchased ALL of the pictures below for $40.00. The frames alone are worth the price I paid. My mom did not purchase the hatchet, however she did purchase two boxes filled with HEAVY ASS books that I hauled to the car and a very large box of picture frames. She gave me all of the ‘ugly’ ones. :)